Integrated Wealth Management - Fall Training Session 

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Training Format

This years training sessions will be presented virtually in a 4 week program.

Week 1 (November 4th):
Introduction, Financial Landscape, Investment Philosophy, Process and Strategy   

Week 2 (November 11th):
The Initial Assessment and Evaluation “IA&E”

Week 3 (November 18th):
Reviewing “IA&E” and Implementation

Week 4 (November 25th):
Risk Management and Insurance Strategies
Will and Estate Services
Communication and Marketing
Wealth Advisory Services
Integration of Best Practices

Learning Objectives:


1. To develop the CPA Champions total confidence that they can make a real difference in the lives of most of their clients

2. To learn why “good, proactive advice doesn’t cost…it pays.”

3. To personally experience the power of an Initial Assessment & Evaluation process to uncover the gaps your clients have in their current financial plans.

4. To learn the depth and breadth of working with the Accountable Support Program and what it can do for your clients.

5. Learn how to be proactive with your clients in identifying and solving their problems in a minimal amount of time.

6. Learn and practice how to introduce and explain why your firm chose Wealth Stewards Inc. to work with their clients.

7. Learn how Wealth Stewards does the heavy lifting for you, but you will get the credit – and a good return on your time spent.

8. Develop a viable business plan for your firm/practice with the following components:

  • Conducting a Client Priority Audit
  • Develop a 5 yr. business plan which you will champion
  • Develop a marketing/communication plan with your clients for the following year
  • Understand the value they will receive on their progress.
  • Understand the value your firm will receive to ensure this business opportunity is realized.