Wealth Management

We are proud to offer our clients comprehensive wealth management services through our partnership with Wealth Stewards Inc.


Ted Pollock, CPA has vast expertise understanding and helping families with complex planning needs. We have been doing tax planning/consulting for years. Coupled with Wealth Stewards Inc. (WSI) we can broaden the scope and work with you to understand your key financial and retirement objectives. Additionally, we can help you achieve other goals to tie in a tax and investment approach tailored to meet your needs. Together as an integrated team, we can establish a thoughtful and detailed plan that can help you live the life you visualize. 

Most of our clients’ business and personal goals and challenges are intricately coupled and often rely on their willingness to respond to the unexpected. Together as your team we can work closely with you to establish the proper structure, deal with personal transitions, and assist you establish, grow, or eventually transition your business.

What is Wealth Management?

Wealth management services combine financial services to address all areas of our client’s financial lives holistically. This can include investment management, financial planning, insurance, tax planning, cash flow analysis and risk management. Our advisors are fiduciaries working directly with clients and tailoring services and plans based on their specific circumstances and needs.

Do You Need Wealth Management?

As a client you will build a close relationship with your advisor. They work with all of the professionals in your life to ensure that you are always getting the service that you need. There are a variety of people who often require wealth management services. These include entrepreneurs, business owners, medical professionals, corporate executives and retirees.

Our Wealth Management Team

In order to offer you the best service possible, we have partnered with Wealth Stewards Inc. Their team specialize in a wide range of Wealth Management services and work on an individual basis with us and you to ensure that you are getting the best possible advice and service.

Wealth Stewards are the winners of both the 2017 and 2018 Canadian Plan Plus Financial Planning Awards. As well as two time nominees for the Alternative Investment Advisor of the Year Award.

*Portfolio management services provided by Portfolio Stewards Inc, a registered portfolio manager and a wholly owned subsidiary of Wealth Stewards Inc.


Service Offerings

Financial Planning
Our financial plans work to incorporate all areas of your affairs to create a plan unique to your specific circumstance. Financial plans are monitered, evaluated and updated on a regular basis. 

Comprehensive financial planning includes retirement planning, tax planning, investment management, risk identification and management, wealth transition and estate.

Retirement Planning
Knowing that you will have enough to fund your chosen lifestyle provides considerable peace of mind. After evaluating all your potential sources of retirement income, your Wealth Action Plan will specify where best to draw your income from to minimize taxes over your lifetime, thereby increasing your after-tax income and net worth.  
Risk Management
Risk can come in many forms. You’ve worked hard for your money and it’s important that you are aware of and able able to mitate any potential risk. 
Investment Management
All Investments are managed through our partner, Portfolio Stewards. Their investment philosophy is based on Modern Portfolio Theory and on Nobel Prize-winning academic research. 

They construct globally diversified portfolios across a wide array of asset classes to reflect your attitude to risk and your investment objectives. Investing is a marathon, not a sprint; we set our sights for the long term to help you achieve the lifestyle you want.

Portfolio Stewards Inc. provides alternative investment strategies to meet unique objectives such as less correlation to capital markets, low volatility, accessing niche asset classes, more predictable returns, minimizing taxes, etc.

Wealth Transition & Estate Planning
EstateStewards ™ serves as a single point of contact, bringing all family members and needed professionals together, for a common goal, to care for your financial affairs now on an integrated basis, and your estate in the future.
Philanthropic Planning
Many affluent people support causes and organizations that are near and dear to their hearts. For those who have a desire to use their resources in this manner, there are strategies that can help them to do so effectively, both while they are living and on their passing. These strategies often allow for assets that would otherwise be taxed to be redirected as they choose.

What’s New in Wealth Management

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